NAATCO Featured in Theatre Topics

NAATCO was the subject of the article Playing Jewish at the National Asian American Theatre Company by Lisa S. Brenner that was published in the academic journal Theatre Topics:

Wound through two case studies--NAATCO's productions of Leah's Train (2009) and Awake and Sing! (2013)--Brenner questions how the overlay of Asian and Jewish identities allows us a more profound and subtle understanding of the critical reception of these two groups as they unfold through performance. While Brenner cites much of the existing literature on the performativity of race and ethnicity, her work is an important addition to the field, as it deepens preexisting arguments regarding the complexity and multiplicity of identity in performance.

Cover: Kristine Haruna Lee (Leah) and Raphael Aranas (Joseph) in Leah's Train (2009). Photo by Michael Ou.