Henry VI, Parts 1-3
16 Asian American actors
64 characters
1 matching grant
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The National Asian American Theatre Co., Inc. (NAATCO) is a tax exempt (501(c)3) not-for-profit organization formed in 1989. NAATCO’s mission is to assert the presence and significance of Asian American theatre in the United States, demonstrating its vital contributions to the fabric of American culture.

Artists For NAATCO

Thank you for your generous support of our 25th anniversary season!


C.S. Lee

$500 – $999

Cindy Cheung

Barbara de Bellis & Greta Minsky

David Herskovits

$100 – $499


Ali Ahn

Raul Aranas

Sekiya Billman

Alice Cannon

Tina Chilip

Wai Ching Ho

Jackie Chung

Claro de los Reyes

Michael Doyle

Christie Evangelisto

Jessica Hagedorn

Jordan Harrison

Karen Hartman & Todd London

Alex Hawthorn

David Hwang

David Ige

Jennifer Ikeda

Ed Iskandar

Daniel Jaquez

Francis Jue

$100 – $499

Lanny Joons Kim

Peter Kim

Christopher Larkin

Karen Lee

Jennifer Lim

Kate Loewald

KK Moggie

In Memory of Mary Lum

Alan Muraoka

Jeffrey Omura

Maulik Pancholy & Ryan Corvaia

Christopher O. Peña

Ralph Peña

Jeanne Sakata

Sophia Skiles

Eric Ting

Up to $99

Stephen & Barrett Brown-Fried

Farah Bala

Purva Bedi

Kate Benson

Andy Bragen

Vinie Burrows

Megan Byrne

Aysan Celik

Carla Ching

Dustin Chinn

Adam Cochran

Up to $100

Clarence Coo

Lear Debessonet

Ariel Estrada

Gia Forakis

Eston Fung

Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

Jesse Jou

Mahira Kakkar

Benjamin Kamine

Lisa Kron

Austin Ku

Glenn Kubota

Kenneth Lee

Suzanne Lehman

Michael Lew

Nana Mensah

Robert Murphy

Jessica Niebanck

Paul Niebanck

Louisa Thompson Pregerson

Carly Robins

Sarah Ruhl

Nandita Shenoy

Shigeko Suga

Lloyd Suh

Ching Valdes

Moses Villarama

Sara Walsh

Amy Waschke-Villarama


Your tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. If you work for a company that has a matching gift program for cultural institutions, your contribution to NAATCO can be doubled or tripled by including the appropriate form, available through your company, along with your contribution. Please send these to:

The National Asian American Theatre Company, Inc.
520 8th Avenue
Suite 308
New York, NY 10018
(212) 244-0447
info [at] naatco.org

You may also support the work of NAATCO via PayPal: